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Meet Wild Rumpus’ Rumpus Royalty Partner: Creature Comforts Brewery


Delicious Beer and Community Involvement!

Creature Comforts was founded by people passionate for starting a craft brewery in Athens, GA, a town that has proven itself as a wonderful craft beer destination for the South East. The brewery offers finely crafted, balanced beers. Since opening its doors in April 2014, Creature Comforts has made an imprint in the craft beer community with its award-winning, year-round and limited release beers. The brewery has four year-round offerings: Tropicália (American IPA), Bibo (Pilsner), Athena (Berliner Weisse) and Reclaimed Rye (Amber Ale aged on French Oak). Creature Comforts is located in downtown Athens in a former historic 1940s Chevy dealership.

The brewery’s mission is to build an industry-respected craft beer company that inspires people to pursue their passion. Creature Comforts operates on the manifesto that if you crave curiosity you will uncover your passion in life and by following that passion and working hard you will find happiness and can enjoy the creature comforts that life has to offer. They also champion local non-profits through their Get Comfortable Fund, which raises money throughout the year for local, Athens-based non-profits, which serve the community by helping people in need to get more comfortable. To learn more about Creature Comforts or Get Comfortable, visit their website at

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