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Board of Directors

Christina Habibi


Christina Habibi
Stephanie Lynn


Stephanie Lynn
Christy O’Reilly Christy O’Reilly
Adriana Thomas Adriana Thomas
Christina Cruz Christina Cruz
Suki Janssen Suki Janssen
Timi Conley

Founder, Director & Master of Ceremonies

Timi Conley

Our Mission

The mission of The Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle is to organize an all-inclusive, free, public, holiday (Halloween) event for Athens, Georgia which celebrates and promotes artistic creativity and public participation. While creating opportunities for artists, musicians and performers, and developing the local economic ecosystem, the Wild Rumpus also serves as a foundation to raise money and awareness for local and regional non-profit charities. Now one of Athens, GA’s top 3 annual public events, the Wild Rumpus draws thousands to the city, generates significant tourism revenue, and is an outlet and money-making opportunity for Athens’ arts and music scene.

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